About us

Have you ever dreamed of a ride on a long luxury limousine? But you thought it was expensive and you could not afford it? Do not rush to be upset! V.S.IMPERIA prepared for you special promotions and special offers! Price starting at 50 EUR per hour, but that's not all!

Reliability is our priority! We are the largest limousine company in the Baltic States, and in our fleet adorn 15 limousines, several VIP cars, and we also offer minibuses and buses. For 20 years of work, we have not failed a single wedding, not a single event, because we have an emergency limousine for emergency collisions and this, believe us, is not unimportant, considering that a wedding is a special day

But as you already know, V.S.IMPERIA serves not only weddings. In a limousine you can go to a restaurant, make an offer to your half, meet partners at the airport, celebrate the anniversary of your closest people, mark graduation from high school or higher education institution, arrange an unforgettable children's holiday, and of course, what about a hen-party and a bachelor party? And this is just a small list of what we can offer you!

But that's not all! V.S.IMPERIA always knows how to hear and listen to their customers. High-class drivers will do everything possible and impossible for you. Our florist is not at all expensive to decorate your car, and the photographer will offer the most beautiful places for a photo shoot.

And if, someday, you still decide to choose us, remember that we ALWAYS give 10% of the amount of your order to charity. Thus, you not only enjoy the unforgettable moments of your celebration, but also do good and make happy not one destiny, and maybe even a whole family!

We wish you love, happiness and best good! For more information, please call +371 28811000 24/7,

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