Wedding floristry and decoration studio- we are a team of professionals, who will create colourful and a warm atmosphere for your celebrations, thanks to our experience and knowledge we create exclusive designs just for you. Every wedding has its own unique story to tell, so our approach to each order, each customer is a special. But more importantly we listen, we understand your specific need and requirements, how you want things to happen, and then we provide a service at the highest level.

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  • 776Bridal bouquet
  • 13Car decoration
  • 00Candy bouquets and compositions
  • 1004Decorating for the bride and groom
  • 94Florist corporate events
  • 91Making a festive table and a hall
  • 887Greeting bouquets
  • 1874361 2t8rx66r4avcChristmas table decoration
  • 772Bridal bouquet from the designer